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Act of War: Info about PC game from Atari
Afghanistan Spot Report: Links to information about the War on Terror in Afghanistan
ASMBA Insurance: Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association (Military Insurance)
Audiobooks: Jonathan Lowe's Audiobooks Review
Combat Arts: Learn hand-to-hand combat
Deployment Gear: Military gear for combat deployments
Digital Uniforms: The latest in military combat uniforms
Featured Links: Each month we feature interesting military links
GI Bill: Learn about educational opportunities
Humvee: The military's versatile vehicle is in the spotlight
Illegal Immigration Spot Report
Internet Security Center: Tips on keeping your PC virus free
Iraq Spot Report: Links to information about the Iraq War
Joining the Military: Info, links, observations, and musings about your decision
Make Home: Make your Home Page
Members Center: Info about our Photos and Reviews features
Military Alphabet: Official U.S. Military Alphabet and MP Radio Codes
Military Blog: The Blog
Military Books: Featured military books
Military Boots and Shoes: Find military boots and shoes
Military Calling Cards and Satellite Phones
Military Career Transition: Military to civilian career transition information
Military Channel: Programming highlights
Military Classifieds: Worldwide classified advertising
Military Classifieds (Members Area): Post/view classified ads

Military Computer Games
Military Computer Loans: Computer, electronics, appliance and travel loans
Military Discounts: Military discounts and deals for U.S. Military personnel and families
Military Draft: Will there be a military draft?
Military eBay: Direct links to eBay military auctions
Military e-Cards: Send a military e-card
Military Forums: Discuss military topics here
Military Health and Fitness: Military health and fitness products and information
Military Jewelry: Military jewelry, military rings, pendants, dog tags, more...
Military Law Info: Info and links about NJP, Court-Martial, UCMJ, more...
Military Links: Military links organized by service and category
Military Loans: Personal loans for military personnel
Military Locator: Find military people
Military Magazine Articles: Magazine article feed
Military Motivation: Find inspiration and motivation here
Military Movies: Find past and present military movies
Military Multimedia: Videos featuring military-related content
Military News Archives | More news: Army | Navy | USAF | USCG | USMC
Military Packs and Bags: Military packs and bags
Military Personals: The Spot for Military Singles
Military Photo Stamps: Create official U.S. postage stamps featuring your military images
Military Photos: Upload your military photos to our gallery
Military Podcasts: Military-related podcasts
Military Posters: Cover your walls with military images
Military Rank: Enlisted, Warrant Officer and Commissioned Officer ranks and insignia
Military Relocation: Information about your military move
Military Resources: Information about pay, education benefits, health care, more...
Military Reviews: Rate and review military equipment and gear
Military Satellite Photos: Google satellite images of military locations
Military Schools: List of military schools, including academies, colleges and boarding schools
Military Shopping: Military media, gear, clothing, toys, knives, survival, surplus, more...
Military Spouse/Family Support: Links and articles for military spouses and families
Military Stories: Share/read interesting military stories
Military Surplus: Information about military surplus and government auctions
Military Toolbar: Find news and information fast with our military toolbar
Military Travel: Military travel information
Military Wallpaper: Military wallpaper for your PC
Military Watches: Military watches of all kinds
Military Weather: US weather and military weather links
Preparedness Project: Are you prepared for a national emergency?
Press Release: Military Website in the Spotlight
Space-A Military Travel Information: Information from the USAF
Tactical Decision Games: Increase your understanding of military tactics
Tactics and Weapons
Uniform Accessories - Update your military uniform:
U.S. Air Force Name Tapes, Tags and Insignia
- U.S. Army ACU Combat Uniform Accessories
- U.S. Navy Name Tapes, Tags and Insignia
- U.S. Marines MCCUU Name Tapes and Tags
- U.S. Coast Guard Branch and Name Tapes

VA Loans: Purchase or refinance
Veterans Lawsuits: Important info for U.S. Military veterans
- Agent Orange
- Anthrax Vaccine
- Gulf War Syndrome
- Lariam (Malaria Tablets)
- Mesothelioma (Asbestos)
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
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